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I'm a critical thinker and a creative writer.

Which means I read and think a lot. Observe the world around me. Talk to people. Go about living my life. And share what I learn along the way about how to make things better.

For the most part, I lead a happy and fulfilling life, filled with gratitude and joy, and I’m passionate about helping others do the same.

That’s why I write regularly about progress, personal growth and the pursuit of purpose. I’m into mindfulness, meaningful conversation, exercise, eating well and living with intention. I also live with Bipolar Disorder and talk openly about mental health issues.

I currently live in Toronto with my wife, Kaavya; my daughter, Dahlia; and my dog, Cozie.

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Hi I'm Steele Roddick.

I read, I think and I share what I learn.

I'm legally blind and live with Bipolar Disorder, which means I'm more thoughtful, more creative and more emotionally intelligent than most.

stillness is my key.

I'm into meditation, exercise, and playing chess, which makes me calm, strong and strategic as hell.

tech, marketing, and leadership.

I'm into technology, B2B marketing and thought leadership, because those with the best ideas and clearest thinking will lead the way in creating a better future for all.


I believe in leading a good life, making a better world and contributing ideas that help people do both.

a family man.

I live in Toronto with my wife, Kaavya; my daughter, Dahlia; and my doggo, Cozie.

I cofounded a job board for remote SaaS sales jobs.

And write a weekly newsletter called the 411 to help sales pro level up their game and find their next gig.
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