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“What a wonderful way to start my week! I look forward to those few words from Steele each Sunday morning, that both provoke thought and sometimes encourage me to see things from a new perspective. It only takes a minute or two for me to read this brief note, but gives me fodder for conversation, and food for thought for the entire week.”


"What I appreciate about Steele's writing is that it's so on point. Honest, well thought out and impactful, every Sunday I'm consistently struck by his words. With a refreshing level of self-criticism, Steele writes clearly and candidly, especially on topics like mental health, which means a lot to me personally."


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"A fierce critical thinker with unparalleled emotional intelligence, Steele has mastered the art of taking the most trite "inspirational" cliché and turning it over, sideways, under and on its head. Every word is penned with intention, compassion and painstaking self- and social awareness. Every word will make you think. Every word will compel you to care."

My Wife

I now look forward to starting my week reading Steele's email. His articles make me stop and think. Sometimes, I read them twice. I have recommended his email to some of my coworkers and he always has a positive impact. Take a few minutes out of your day to read and be mindful of his words. The words are powerful.”

My mom

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“Love starting my week with your posts!”


“Keep up the excellent writing that inspires your readers to challenge themselves and to be kinder in a harsh world.”


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“In a world where inboxes are cluttered with consumerism, capitalism and cats, Steele's insights are earnestly welcomed."